Finding a photography studio rental may seem as simple as typing in google “photo studio rental near me”. However, when it comes to choosing the right photo studio rental, the first step is to figure out your production needs and whether the studio has the capability to be transformed into a perfect production set for your project.

If you are planning a commercial shoot, here are 7 important things to consider when choosing the perfect studio rental.

Studio Space 

Studio space is crucial. Look for a spacious studio which will allow you to properly set up the equipment, otherwise you may get crammed with a pile of flashes, stands, reflectors etc. with no space to move around. It’s very important to have enough space between the subject and backdrop. This way you can place back lights as well as get the subject far enough from the backdrop so it doesn’t cast a shadow. 

Ceiling Height 

When choosing a photography studio rental, make sure that it has enough ceiling height (more than 10 feet). Lower ceilings are known to cause issues with lighting thus they may limit your creativity.

Cyclorama wall

Cyclorama wall is sometimes referred to as a cyc wall or infinity wall. It helps to make your background almost “disappear” and enables a great number of possibilities for lighting. So whether you are planning a still commercial photography or a commercial video production, make sure the studio you choose has a cyc wall.


Depending on your project needs you may want to use some additional equipment. So choose a studio rental which also offers equipment rental such as cameras, lenses, soft boxes, speedlights, led strobes/strips/panels, tripods, stands, sliders, etc.


If you are shooting large and heavy products such as vehicles, furniture or industrial products, look for a studio that has a large entrance so that you can easily bring in the products.


If you plan to get to the photography studio rental by car, make sure the studio has parking spaces reserved for their customers. 


Downtown studios may look attractive at first glance, however, they can be really noisy because of the busy traffic. 

Here, at Lenz Studio, we have all to suit your production needs. Book us today and enjoy our spacious photography studio rental in a calm area. There is a 25×15 ft white cyclorama in our studio. We have a large entrance so you can drive your car in if needed. We also have a variety of backdrops, equipment rental, and, of course, lots of parking spaces.

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